If you're a lean or agile team looking for user experience tools, you don't have time for highly rigorous, academic usability methods. These discount techniques should give you "good enough" answers to help you keep moving.

If you work together as a team, you can use most of these tools without the help of experts, but it doesn't hurt to have someone on the team who has a background in UX and user research.

One week to a User Centered Design
Fast methods a team can use to learn about their users, turn that information into designs, and plan their upcoming sprints all in one week.

Stay user-focused during development
Once you start development work, you'll have lots of user experience questions. Here are some techniques for staying on track to deliver real user delight.

Rinse and repeat: gathering feedback for the next round
  • Find your experts: support call, sales team and forum feedback (coming soon)
  • Usage metrics (coming soon)
  • Instrumentation (coming soon)

Practical advice for teams

What type of test can/should you use?
A cheat sheet to work out what discount method to use, and when to hire a specialist. Also, specific "how to" advice and things to watch out for with each discount method.

Online tools to help you run cheap, fast studies
The Web can bring your users to you, if you don't mind losing some fidelity along the way.

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