Scenarios and Storyboards Lynda course now available - 20 minutes of UX goodness

Spend 20 minutes learning how scenarios and storyboards fit in to the user centered design process. Scenarios and storyboarding provide a reality check for your designs, allowing you to see how the interaction will play out in a real environment. This course explains how to write scenarios and transform them into visual storyboards that show elements of the interactions that are hard to describe with words alone, such as emotion, action, detail, and progression.

Here's a video from the course. Check out the full course online.

Ideation techniques short course now live on

Ideation is the process of generating a lot of different ideas in a short amount of time. And in UX design, a broad set of ideas is more likely to lead to a more creative, more satisfactory solution for your users. In this short course, I describe the variety of ideation techniques available, their benefits, and how ideation can help designers "think outside the box" when it comes to user experience.

Systemizers/Empathizers presentation video now online

I recently blogged about methods for helping systemizers to empathize. Here's the 20 minute video of that Balanced Team talk.

Linking UX Ideas for an Aha Moment from Non-Empathizers from Balanced Team on Vimeo.