Friday, December 21, 2012

Web user experience course now available on

My new course "UX Fundamentals for Web Design" is now live on the site. I'm really happy with the high production quality that Lynda brings to their classes, and I'm excited that their company is moving into the user experience training space. They offer a free 7-day membership. Go and check the course out!

You can see some sample chapters from it on YouTube:
Menu myths
Fitts' Law
How people read on the Web
The five-second test
Making forms as painless as possible

The whole course is only 1 hour 45 minutes long and contains the following topics.

1. What Makes a Good Web User Experience?
2. Don't Get in the Way of the Information
3. Navigation
4. Site Layout
5. Writing for the Web
6. Homepage
7. Category and Landing Pages
8. Detail and Product Pages
9. Forms
10. Using Media to Help Tell Your Story
11. Balancing Adverts and Content
12. Summary: Good Design Practice

Quick update Jan 7: Thanks to everyone who's watched the course. I've had lots of questions about the tools used to create the graphics for this course. The graphics for the videos were drawn in-house by a designer, and then animated using Adobe After Effects. Lots of people have also commented on the "sliding" transition effect. You can get a similar look using PowerPoint, but it's not so seamless.

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  1. I just finished this course and would absolutely recommend it.

    I really enjoyed the fast paced, information rich style and as an SEO guy think you pretty much nailed the UX / SEO overlap.

    Now to try and get my colleagues to watch it.

  2. Great course, just finished it. Absolutely love the simplicity and the rich knowledge that is dropped in this corse. You have made of fan of me Chris.

  3. I just finished going through this great course. It was so well presented and I learned alot. Thank You


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