Fast, easy usability tricks for big product improvements - presentation slides are up!

The video and slides from the updated version of my Fast, Easy Usability Tricks talk are now available online. This version includes a case study to help put the work in context.
You can either check out the video at the InfoQ site (it won't embed here because it's synced with the slides) or the Slideshare deck, to go through things at your own pace (also available on Slideshare)

These are both from a talk I gave at the GOTO conference in Copenhagen in May this year. The case study is from some work I did for a Hilton Hotels subsidiary to help them set up a social media site for their hotel staff to share best practices tips. It shows a walkthrough of the one week user-centered design process.

Note that there were technical issues at the beginning of my talk, so the video includes the impromptu Q&A that we did while people scurried around fixing things.

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