Four UX presentations in May

I'll be at GOTO Copenhagen and GOTO Amsterdam, presenting on user centered design and running a full-day tutorial session. Come and say hi!

May 21, Copenhagen

I've got an updated version of Fast, Easy Usability Tricks for Copenhagen. It was one of the top 10 talks at Goto Aarhus in 2011. This time round I'm using a case study of a social media site we built for 1800 hotel managers to frame the conversation.
What's even more fun is that this time round we have a whole day devoted to UI in an Agile process. If you're in the area, this is a very valuable day filled with extremely smart presenters.

May 24, Copenhagen

Learn how people work, and what that means for application development. A User Manual (how to build software that works the way your users think) is a whole-day training class focusing on the psychological reasons why people behave the way they do with software, and how you can turn this to your advantage.


If you register for the Copenhagen conference using the promotion code nodd1000, you get a DKK 1000 ($180) discount.

May 25, Amsterdam

I'm in the Tablet track, talking about tips for tablet usability. This is a very different talk to Copenhagen, focusing on the things that will help tablet developers succeed at building apps that their users love.

May 26, Amsterdam

A repeat of the User Manual whole-day training.

Sorry - don't have an Amsterdam discount for you (yet).

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