Be an early reviewer for "Evil By Design"

I'm writing a book. My publisher is trying an experiment. We're putting the whole thing online for you to read and comment on free of charge as I write it.
Evil by Design book imageA couple of years ago I gave some keynote presentations called "Evil by Design" where I discussed design patterns that intentionally encourage users to do things that benefit the designer more than the user.

I got a really positive response, so I finally decided to turn the talk into a book. Wiley decided they liked it too, and so now I'm under contract to deliver the final chapter in time for a 2013 launch. But you don't have to wait until then to read it!

Be an early online reviewer

Help me out, and also get some free entertainment in the process. If you head to O'Reilly's Open Feedback Publishing System you can check out the book as it gets written, and leave helpful comments to make the whole thing better.

So far, I'm two chapters in (Pride and Envy are done, the other sins are yet to come) so there is enough content for you to get your teeth into. All feedback welcome!

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